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Moving On: New Adventures at

If you're still reading — in which case, Hi! — you've probably noticed that Defabricate has gone off-line. (Not "offline,"in the modern sense of "happening in actual, not virtual, reality." In this case, it's more like what they meant in those suspenseful 1980s technology-centered movies when they talked about the computer mainframe going off-line. Picture a static screen, all snow and no action.)

But never fear, the Defabricate duo has something even better up our sleeves for you. May I present... Bent Tuba Studio! **  We're teaching art workshops in our dedicated art studio space in Greensboro. If you're an adult who has wistful memories of Being An Artist as a kid, come and play with us! Welcome to a different kind of art class.

** Click the link to read the tale of Tina the Tuba, our studio mascot.
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