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More Free Stuff

In the midst of preparing for Indie Market, I have found myself procrastinating by creating even more for our FREE STUFF section.

Newly added is printable instructions and artwork for vintage postcard wallets.  You don't even have to go scavenging Grandma's card drawer - I've already done the scavenging!  The download includes four, very cool, vintage postcards (from the Public Domain).

So, if you feel the need to be crafty or just have a hankerin' to make little money carriers / business card holders / gift card envelopes, head on over to our Free Stuff tab and check it out.

I also posted the popular "How-To" tutorials for the Tetra-Pak coin purse, the Sock Creatures, and the Juice Pouch Coin Purse.


November Indie Market is Upon Us

Greetings and Salutations to all our nifty, crafty, and ultra cool friends out there.  Tracy and I would like to let you know that we will be at the First Friday Indie Market next Friday.

Today, in fact, Tracy is busy (custom) making utility aprons for each of us. If they turn out nicely, we may even have a few to sell next Friday.

Of course, I wanted to show up dressed to the hilt in 50's house wife regalia, with my hair & make-up done up, but since I have no 50's house-wife regalia in my magic closet (nor do I have a 50's house wife regalia budget), I'm guessing this fantasy will remain as such.

Although if any of you want to dress up 50s style & visit our booth, we might  just have some little "extras" for you (& you only).


New Ornaments For the Holidays

A few weeks ago, whilst perusing books at the bookstore (where else?), I came across an idea for ornaments that threw me back into the fondest memories of my childhood - making felt ornaments for our Christmas tree.

Usually those ornaments were flat, glue laden, slightly lopsided snowmen, but occasionally we got super creative and made the ornaments somewhat dimensional with a little fiberfill stuffing.

While Tracy has been busy working on earrings for our friends at Lantana's Gallery in Southport, NC (pictures to come), I've been creating these charming, folk-style, felt ornaments.

We'll soon have pears, apples, and lovely little birds listed on Etsy. Each ornament is hand stitched & made of thick wool felt (because the texture is so much nicer than that acrylic craft stuff). The apples come in a subtly mottled red, wool felt. The pears and birds will be offered in a variety of colors (including burgundy, oatmeal, light blue, and sage green).

Also, on the less folksy - more vintage side, we've been trying to figure out what to do with our stash of vintage holiday cards (from the 1940s & 50s). We've been playing around with different ideas, but the one we like the best is this set of 12 nifty, tag-style ornaments, ready to hang.

Tell us what you think, and if you'd like to see more!



We're gearing up for Indie Market in a couple of weeks... busy making stuff, designing tags, taking pictures, band-aiding our poor needle-poked finger tips, etc. But I have to say, the results include some KeeyUte baby gear!  With a new batch of stuff finished and ready to photograph (we'll have pictures soon), I thought I'd point you toward some of the adorable knit baby hats and blankets we have already listed over at the Etsy store.

We're excited for Indie Market, where these guys are sure to sell, so if you're eyeing anything, you might want to grab it while you can.

And thanks for lookin' - you guys are great!

.n & .t


And the winner is...

We're delighted to finally be able to announce the winner of our mini quilt giveaway! The winner, selected randomly by the lovely Random Picker tool, is Darla Pittman at The Needle Nerd. You can check out her blog here.

Congratulations, Darla! And a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. Stay tuned for even more upcoming freebies, goodies, and other things that end in -ies.

This week we're focused on putting up some new listings in the Etsy shop, doing a little product testing for the new line of cat toys (it's hard work, or play, but someone's gotta do it), and also crossing our fingers that we'll be among the November vendors at the First Friday Indie Market in Greensboro.

And hey, we keep making new indie-craft friends on Twitter... so many that we've started a couple of Twitter lists to keep track of them all. Leave a comment if you'd like to be added.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

And for those elsewhere, Happy Saturday afternoon or evening or Happy Sunday morning - depending where on the planet you reside. Where ever it is, I hope you're having a good day, and if you're not, I hope you make it safely home where there is a bowl of hot soup & freshly baked bread (or something equally comforting) awaiting you. (it is quite possible that I am hungry).

We spent the afternoon trying to be productive and just maybe we came up with a few more (very charming) ideas for the the Etsy store (time will tell).

So while we work on our new and 'old' ideas alike, we hope you are safe (and satiated for all those who had big Thanksgiving dinners) and have a wonderful afternoon/evening/morning, wherever you are!


-Nicki & Tracy


Last Day for the Quilt Giveaway

Well, the trip to see the folks was lovely. The leaves were just starting to turn and the weather was even more autumnal than at home, if that's possible.  Awaiting for me at home were some of the mini-quilts we designed and my grandmother has been finishing. I hope to have pictures of them posted this weekend, so you can see how cute they are. (I also got a glimpse of the larger Crib-sized quilts and can't wait to share those with you.)

In the mean time, don't forget, this is the last day for the mini-quilt/receiving blanket giveaway.  You can fill out the entry, or just post a comment and we'll enter you automatically (open to U.S. residents only).  You have until midnight ET tonight to enter (no pressure).  We'll choose a winner via the randomizer this weekend and send out an email to the winner by Monday.


Grand Re-Opening!

Hard to believe it's October 1st already. What a crazy-fast month September was. But now that we're here, it's official, the Etsy store is open! Woo Hoo! And to celebrate, we're leaving! (or at least I am, Tracy will still be manning the store front). I'm off to KC for the weekend to wish my Dad a happy 60th and collect some of those abstract/folk-art-inspired quilts that my Mom and Grandma have been constructing. Hopefully, when I return, we can get photos of the quilts uploaded for all to see and get them listed at the Defabricate Store.  Until then, enjoy the fall weekend, get out and support those artists if your town has a First Friday event, and maybe do a little window shopping over at Etsy.  And hey, if you like our store, let us know by giving us a heart. 

We have more products to come, including toys for the kittens (under our blossoming Defabricat line) and toys for the kidlins (no pithy name for that one, although I guess we could go with "Defabrikid," wuddya' think?). Naturally, if you have suggestions for us, go ahead and leave us a comment.

And don't forget about our Mini Quilt Giveaway - you could win a 30 inch square mini quilt/receiving blanket (worth $35). You have until NEXT Friday to sign up! (Good Luck!)

As Always, thanks for visiting.
We think you're great!

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