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Apologies, the site hosting our freebies,, deleted the account without explanation. They will be back up (somewhere) shortly.

'Cuz it's nice to get nifty lookin' free stuff every once in a while...

Retro recipe cards
Follow the link for a set of 4 vintage inspired recipe cards (designed by Nicki), great to use as gifts, whether giving them to your favorite cook, or sharing recipes with your friends and family.

Printable CD Sleeves
Like making CD mixes for your friends? Try out these vintage designed CD sleeves based on old 45 records. There's even a 'B sides' mix tape sleeve for the children of the 70s & 80s.

And for those of you who make holiday mixes, don't miss the newest CD Sleeve (and CD labels), compliments of Nicki and her retro design sense: Happy Merry Days.

Spray Bottle/Household Cleaning Labels
Here is a set of three cleaning labels (designed by Nicki), simply print onto a full sheet of sticky-back label stock, then cut out and adhere to a spray bottle. Recipes for safe, eco-friendly household cleaners can be found on each label.

Black Friday Appreciation Cards
Make the world a better place, be nice & hand out Thank You cards to those retail clerks who have to put up with all of the crazies on the busiest shopping day of the year. (And if you REALLY want to be nice, you can include a $1 tip for those retail clerks who are working their bums off... it's not a lot, but I guarantee it'll make their day).

For the Holidays:

Free Printable Wrapping Paper
Sized for 8.5x11, we've designed these printable wrapping papers based on early 20th century christmas wrap. Simple, to the point, and easy to print out. Check out all of our Holiday Freebies, here.

Bird Lovers Gift Tags
Simple, easy to print and cut out, these gift tags are perfect for those bird lovers among us. Best of all, they're free. So, if you forgot to buy gift tags at the store, or if you've run out of wrapping paper scraps, why not print a sheet of these?

Vintage Fruit (& veggie) Illustrated Gift Tags

Enjoy these free printable gift tags made with vintage fruit (& veggie) illustrations from the early 1900s. For best results, print onto textured or cream stock and cut out leaving a 1/4 to 1/2 inch margin. Punch holes where indicated, and adorn your favorite gifts. These gift tags are for personal use only, compliments of Defabricate.

[more to come. honest.]

The Small Print at the bottom of the Page:
If you feel these designs are worthy of some sort of compensation, or would simply just like to make a donation, we won't stop you. In fact, we made a nifty little button just for such an occasion. BUT, this is FREE STUFF, so we won't judge you for accepting our gifts at face value.  All designs, unless stated otherwise, © Defabricate Designs and Nicki Deyton. These designs are made available through Defabricate Designs and Nicki Deyton, because it's nice to get free stuff - especially nifty lookin' free stuff. These designs are for personal use only. (So don't go downloading and selling 'em. It's bad JuJu.).

(Donate what you think it's worth)
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