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Oh the Holidays

Like everyone else, I'm sure, we've been busy little elves in preparing for the holidays with family - so much so that we've neglected our blogging duties. (For that, we are very sorry). We're not being slackers, honest. In fact, Tracy's been embroidering away and Nicki has been busy designing recipe cards and CD sleeves. You can check out all of her printables and tutorials here.

And for those of you making last minute CD mixes to give as gifts, why not wrap them in these stylish sleeves inspired by the 45 records of the 1950s/60s (just download, print, trim, fold, & glue). We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!


-Nicki & Tracy

Classic CD Sleeve 2


Fabulously FREE Friday: Blank Calendar Download

Here's a 13 month 2010/2011 CD calendar that you can download & print out for FREE! Just trim and decorate to your heart's desire (great for rubber stamping). It's designed to fit into an empty CD case for a desktop calendar, but you can do whatever you want with it!

Blank CD Calendar


We Heart Indie Spotting!

Spotted once again! This time for our hand embroidered & beaded star ornaments. Pretty cool.  (there's still time to buy them and get them on the tree!)

I spent the weekend in Chicago visiting family while Tracy stayed home with a cold. So apologies for the tardiness of our Fabulously Free Friday offering:

Make your own dolls from worn out socks:

Make Your Own Sock Creature


New at Defabricate: Hand-Embroidered Star Ornaments

One thing I love about the winter holidays is the idea of shared joy that brings metaphorical light into the darkness. It's not surprise, then, that stars are my favorite holiday symbol. I stitched up this set of 3 star ornaments with felt, beads, and embroidery thread from our sewing stash. The seed beads reflect available light to provide a bit of sparkle.

These star ornaments are ready to light up your holiday tree, mantel, or rearview mirror...or to be tucked into a loved one's stocking. Spread some light!

You can buy them here.


Ginkgo Love

A couple of weeks ago we went to an art opening at Guilford College. The campus has GIGANTIC Ginkgo trees and the ground was littered with leaves. The opening was fabulous, & on the way back to the car I scooped up a few leaves. I brought them home and they've been sitting on my desk ever since. I had no idea what I wanted to do with them. I just liked them. So I thought I'd await inspiration & hope that they didn't dry out too fast (or that the cats wouldn't eat them).

A few days ago I decided to pull out my Gocco printer & make some holiday cards - of course, every time I do that my imagination seems to take a hiatus, none of the designs I was coming up with were working. So, instead of sitting there staring at the printer -willing it to print something ultra cool, I decided to print some Ginkgo leaves. I liked the print so much I decided to make some notecards. I've no idea if anyone else will like them, but I think they're cool.

See more of the prints here.


Fabulously FREE Friday: Japanese Bound Book Instructions

Make Your own Stab bound Books

In one of my many incarnations I teach basic bookbinding, here are some simple instructions to make your own stab bound (also known as Japanese bound) books - great for journals or gifts.


Vintage Wallpaper Desktop Calendars

We love vintage designs & couldn't help ourselves when it came to these old wallpaper patterns. This 13 month calendar displays a different wallpaper design for each month (some flocked, some playful, all fabulous!). 

Just in time for this holiday season & you can buy them here

We're featured @ Indie Spotting!

Or, at least, our felted fishing lures are, check it out: Indie Spotting: Home and Garden and then go see our other felted fishing lures at the Defabricate Store!

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