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Free, illustrated instructions on how to turn those old, worn-out socks into new, lovable & quirky creatures. Great for gifts and no sewing machine required, just needle, thread, socks, and stuffing (which could be even more socks if you have an over-abundance). 

Have a teen or tween in the house and need something crafty to keep them occupied?  Here is a simple way to recycle those soup, juice, or soy milk boxes (that are otherwise not recyclable) AND give those kids something to do. All it takes is some scissors, colorful masking tape, glue, a stapler, and velcro...

Here's another project for those teens, tweens, or fun loving adults in your life. Simple instructions and printable art make this an easy project for anyone. We've already provided the cool, vintage post card art. All you'll need is some card stock, clear vinyl (or clear contact paper), and the ability to cut, fold and sew (either by hand or with a sewing machine).

Free, illustrated instructions showing you how to convert those shiny juice pouches into a nifty little coin purse. You'll need a sewing machine for this one, and a couple of juice pouches, along with a scissors and some velcro.

[more to come. honest.]

The Small Print at the bottom of the Page:
If you feel these designs are worthy of some sort of compensation, or would simply just like to make a donation, we won't stop you. In fact, we made a nifty little button just for such an occasion. BUT, this is FREE STUFF, so we won't judge you for accepting our gifts at face value.  All designs, unless stated otherwise, © Defabricate Designs and Nicki Deyton. These designs are made available through Defabricate Designs and Nicki Deyton, because it's nice to get free stuff - especially nifty lookin' free stuff. These designs are for personal use only. (So don't go downloading and selling 'em. It's bad JuJu.).

(Donate what you think it's worth)
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