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Readying Ourselves Once Again

Somehow the month between Indie Markets feels more like a week. On the eve of the December market we are drinking lots of coffee and frantically trying to finish up last minute projects and errands. This month's Indie Market will coincide with the Downtown Festival of Lights, and despite the predicted cold weather, we're hoping lots of people will come out and support Greensboro's downtown district - full of local shop owners who, like us, will have their doors open late. (You know, if our tent had doors).

We also wanted to introduce you to some of the new fare, making a debut tomorrow.  Both Tracy and I have been working on more sock creatures, since everyone was so enamored by them (and how could you not be). This month we have another batch full of characters, some with bow-ties, some with bandanas, and some with attitude. We'll leave it up to you to give them names (although we'll have suggestions). I caught these two trying to finish Adam Levin's 1000 page tome, The Instructions, by tomorrow (they're on page 30, but are getting some ideas - so be careful).

I've also been feeling rather nostalgic this holiday season, & to my surprise, I was craving those old felt ornaments that my mom and I made when I was six. This time, of course, I used way less glue and glitter (most are hand stitched), and gave some of the ornaments a more 'retro' feel. Missing are those glass bells with the glittery stripes, but maybe I'll make some of those for the Etsy store front. Also making a debut will be felt and ribbon Christmas-Tree-shaped ornaments. And, of course, we'll have the wool felted birds, felt doves, and felt apples & pears, bird and vintage card garlands (just like last month).

Tracy's been busy knitting scarves on the hand loom - so don't worry if you forget to bundle up tomorrow, we have you covered.

We'll also have plenty of stocking stuffers including Tracy's hand embroidered, felted wool coffee cup sleeves (made from old sweaters). So if you have a coffee lover out there, who can't start his or her day without their 'Cuppa' of 'Vitamin C', this might just be the perfect gift.

Also on hand will be our hand knit baby caps and receiving blankets. Grandma's been working hard on the blankets and has even sent along a few Christmas themed ones.

As always, we will have our fun, fabulous & functional attitudes - and anyone who brings back their Super Secret Fabulous Society cards (with the code name on the back) will receive 10% off their purchase.  If you didn't get a Super Secret Society card, dress up in 50s attire & visit our booth and we'll give you 10% off for being fabulous (& take your picture to post on the blog) - only one coupon per person per purchase. (no doubling down).

We hope to see you tomorrow night!

& Thanks for reading,

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