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Let the Organizing Begin!

In the interest of full disclosure, this picture was taken after one cleaning pass-through, that's right, it was MUCH messier (think narrow walking paths where the floor wasn't always visible). I know some of you can easily compete with this level of mess (semper fi).

So, beyond the mess, we have a couple of issues to work around. The first issue is that two people with different modus operandi  have to share this space (which we lovingly called the "playroom"). The second issue is that there is absolutely NO budget, so we have to figure out ways in which to organize this room with the materials we have on hand, or materials we can get for free.

A little information about the room itself: In a normal household, it would serve as the spare bedroom. It is about twice the size of our last shared space, measuring in at around 12' x 18'ish. AND it has a walk-in closet... which is also a mess:

Tracy's modus operandi:

Tracy uses the space for computer work and primarily material storage. She's a fabric/fiber/bead artist who does everything by hand (no sewing machine). She's also trained as an Art Therapist, so uses the space to store her Art Therapy library.

Tracy's reserved a corner of the room for her computer and work stuffs:

A few years ago, I found a utility cart on the curb. I repainted it and gave it to Tracy to use as her crafting cart, which stores her sewing & beading projects:

On the other side of the room is a shelf storing (mostly Tracy's) Art Therapy folders/notebooks:

And, in the center of the room is a work surface that we share:

Nicki's modus operandi:

I'm a printmaker, paper maker, bookbinder, and designer. I use the space to store my various printmaking tools, bookbinding supplies (including books to be rebound), paper, stamps, etc.  I'm also a collector of natural objects, so I have piles of tree bark, feathers, nut shells, etc.

I have two workspaces that are used for printmaking, bookbinding, and storage, and a set of shelves for my miscellany & books:

So that is, what feels like, our very large undertaking. To reorganize this space to allow both of us to work more fluidly & efficiently. AND, very important, to make it a place of inspiration for us both.

Wish us luck!

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