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Some unveiling as we go...

What it looked like before:

... and after:


We decided to use the folding table that was previously in this spot, as a cutting table, so we moved it out of the way. We bought peg board at Lowes for $7 & painted it Appletini Green (cost $14). We hung the board above the desk to utilize the vertical wall space. I hung most of my bookbinding and printing tools on the board (I already had all the peg board hardware). By doing this, I freed up a lot of drawer and bin space & now, not only can I see all of my tools, they're within arms reach.

My mother, so graciously, sent us a set of IKEA legs to match my other desk. (I think they cost her $12 each on sale). I love the look of these legs AND they have storage shelves! The table top scrounged from storage is a little smaller than I'd remembered, but still works.  I screwed little plastic hardware stackers (that I've had since college; I think they're sold in sets pretty inexpensively) to the underside of the desk to store my bookbinding needles, spools of waxed linen, pencils, and utility blades.

Instead of sending my coffee and tin cans to the recycling bin, I cleaned them out and repurposed them for tool & linen cord storage. (I covered the coffee can with a scrap booking paper we found on sale before Christmas).

Right now, the laser printer is on the floor next to the desk. When I can afford to buy some scrap lumber, I plan on making a small stand for it.

So, this is stage one. We still have much organizing to do, but we made HUGE improvements to this space for just over $20. not bad.

Here's a basic cost breakdown if you were to go out and buy all this stuff yourself:

Peg board: $7 for 4' x 4' particle board
Peg board hardware: $10-$20
Peg board hanging kit: $3
paint: $14 (add $2 for foam brushes if you don't have any)
Desk Legs: $16-$24 for the set
Desk top: $10-$30 (depending on size, thickness, & finish. Plain pine is cheapest)
Small hardware stacking bins: $4 for 3 bins

Total: $64-$102

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