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The Elves at Work

It may not seem like it, based on the appearance of the Etsy store, but Tracy and I have been busy little elves as of late.  I've been trying to keep up with the demand for felted birdlies, and hope to have a new set up early this week (they go fast, so keep your eyes peeled). I've also been making hand bound books for Defabricate Designs on Artfire (to be posted soon).

Tracy made these FABULOUS knitted wrist warmers last night (forgive the picture with my messy desk in the background, I was just so excited to show everyone). They're big and chunky, extremely warm, and OH SO SOFT. They're supposed to get posted to the Etsy store, but I'm not sure I can give them up.

In other news: Yesterday, Tracy and I held the first of four sessions for our Creating Sacred Space Through Journaling Workshop, and it was SO GREAT! I think we wore big goofy grins all afternoon, it was just so much fun and so exciting to see grown-ups playing with art materials that they've never before touched!

Some background: The workshop is being funded by The Hirsch Wellness Network, a non-profit here in Greensboro that caters to people whose lives have been touched by Cancer.  They fund and host creative workshops for Cancer patients and survivors and make them available to the participants for free.

I think I can speak for both of us when I say we feel truly blessed that these wonderful and amazing people shared three hours of their lives with us, telling stories and creating art. It was amazing & we're both excited to repeat the experience next week.

Please, if you have the chance, visit The Hirsch Wellness Network Web site and lend your support.

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