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How to Spread a Little Love (The Fun and Easy Way)

On the eve of Valentine's Day, that sacrosanct and not-terribly-optional consumer holiday, I propose a revolution. A little bitty, eensy, not-at-all-scary revolution. It's time to reclaim the concept of "love letters" from the dusty archives of generations past. You know what I mean: perfumed notepaper, tied with a ribbon, sealed with a kiss. What I am proposing is Love Letters for the Rest of Us.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and state: It is a moral imperative that we tell our beloveds that we love them. (I know, "beloved" is strong language. But I think the world needs to be a little less wishy-washy about love. Feel free to think of this as High Esteem, or Kindness, or whatever works for you.) Our beloveds include all the people we care about, for every possible reason, and to every possible degree. That covers everyone: your parent/offspring/favorite relative, your sweetie/partner/[insert term of choice here], your neighbor who waters your plants when you're away, that nice bus driver who always smiles and asks how you are today. Those people make your life better, but do they know how important they are?

A note for the shy or embarrassed: There's no rule about signing your name to a love letter. An anonymous love letter has just as much power to brighten someone's day. (Possibly more... who doesn't love a good mystery?)

Okay, so maybe you're on board with the overall concept of Love Letters for Everyone, but you're wondering how you're supposed to make the time for individually hand-crafted notes for all those nice people in your life. Seriously, you're too busy for this, right?

What you need is an easy, fun, FREE, and somewhat customizable Love Letter form. And here it is! You can print and hand-deliver it, or hide it for the recipient to discover. Or you can download the form, check any boxes (and add any text) that you like, and then send it electronically.

The beauty of this Love Letter form is that you don't need Valentine's Day to use it! It's appropriate for other holidays and non-holidays, birthdays and un-birthdays... because the world can always use a little love. Enjoy!

Coming soon at Defabricate: Inspiration Postcards--another way to spread some love.

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