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Grand Re-Opening!

Hard to believe it's October 1st already. What a crazy-fast month September was. But now that we're here, it's official, the Etsy store is open! Woo Hoo! And to celebrate, we're leaving! (or at least I am, Tracy will still be manning the store front). I'm off to KC for the weekend to wish my Dad a happy 60th and collect some of those abstract/folk-art-inspired quilts that my Mom and Grandma have been constructing. Hopefully, when I return, we can get photos of the quilts uploaded for all to see and get them listed at the Defabricate Store.  Until then, enjoy the fall weekend, get out and support those artists if your town has a First Friday event, and maybe do a little window shopping over at Etsy.  And hey, if you like our store, let us know by giving us a heart. 

We have more products to come, including toys for the kittens (under our blossoming Defabricat line) and toys for the kidlins (no pithy name for that one, although I guess we could go with "Defabrikid," wuddya' think?). Naturally, if you have suggestions for us, go ahead and leave us a comment.

And don't forget about our Mini Quilt Giveaway - you could win a 30 inch square mini quilt/receiving blanket (worth $35). You have until NEXT Friday to sign up! (Good Luck!)

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