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Holy Schamole! You Guys are Great!

Well, it's mid-morning on Saturday - the day after our very first Indie Market, and BOY are we sore! The crowds were great even if the weather was not  and we got some fabulous feedback! So Huzzah!

We're both sad and delighted that a few of the sock creatures found new homes - Both Perry (the peg-legged pirate) and Wallace (with his slide rule) left in the arms of loving parents. As did our Coraline Frog, and several of our argyle sock frogs.  I have to give props to Tracy for working so hard to make these guys more baby friendly - she replaced the button eyes with felt discs & EVERYbody was happier (Perry told me so).  We will certainly be making more fabulous sock creatures for the Etsy store and December's Indie Market, so keep your buttons peeled. 

Also popular was Tracy's impromptu demonstrations on knitting with a hand loom. She kept her hands warm last night by knitting a skinny scarf and showing the curious passers-by the technique and results. Good Job Tracy!

Many, many thanks to all the great people (venders and shoppers alike) who showed up for First Friday Indie Market. We hope we'll see you again on Friday December 3rd (same bat time, same bat channel).

Have a great weekend and come see us at our Etsy Store on Monday!

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