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Tracy Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore

More accurately, she's selling her earrings (with shell inclusions) at Lantana's Gallery in Southport, on the coast of North Carolina. Since she's getting ready to send another batch we thought it'd be nice to show you some of her work ('cuz it's really cool), and let you know that if you're in the greater Southport area you can check out the earrings for yourself.

The shells for this (& her second) batch were all collected on the beach just north of Southport, in Wilmington, NC. Tracy includes a balance of industrial and natural elements to create one-of-a-kind ear ring pairs.

If you're interested, the earrings sell for $44. And we have a new batch of shells, this time from Florida's Gulf coast, with which to play. So keep your eyes peeled for new designs!

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  1. love these earrings, they are beautiful!


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