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FREE FRIDAY: Basura Coin Purse

photo by Itsourearth @ Etsy

I'm sure everyone has noticed by now the "Basura" fad hitting stores (not just 10,000 villages, but Target, Kohls, etc).  Basura, Spanish for garbage, is the result of making utilitarian objects out of the packaging we throw away (especially food containers like juice boxes, chip bags, candy wrappers, etc). In an effort to be even more green, I've created a few instruction downloads to help you reuse, recycle, & reclaim these materials - making them, once again, useful (& keeping them out of the landfill a bit longer).

So, here are instructions to make one of these easy, inexpensive, green, and oh-so-cool gifts: a basura coin purse (also called juice pouch coin purses).  Who knew trash could be trendy?

If you don't feel like making these yourself, you can always check the Web site, plenty of our fellow Etsians are selling these fabulous objects.

Juice Pouch Coin Purse Instructions

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