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The Haberdashery

Today we went to the park. Nell, Perry, Larry (brother to Perry), and Wallace (his friends call him Dilbert because he never takes his tie off) posed for me on the jungle gym. (Perry thought it would be funny to pose as if the chipmunk in the background were attacking him).

Perry (called Peggy by some of the meaner kids, because he has a peg leg), wanted me to tell you that he was a pirate on Halloween. (He decided to be a pirate the night before, so I had to stay up sewing him an eye patch, which he still refuses to take off).

Nell, whose mother is a Zebra (and whose father, we're fairly certain, was a tiger) aspires to be a ballet dancer (do not call her a ballerina, because that's what little kids wearing tutus call ballet dancers, and she's not a little kid). I surprised Nell with a set of leg warmers, so she could dress up as a 'ballet dancer' for Halloween.

Wallace did not dress up for Halloween because he didn't think he could find any costume that would securely hold his slide rule. He gets a little pensive when he's separated from it, as you can see from the photo (we made him put it down for the picture, but he wouldn't let it out of his sight).

Larry, like his brother Perry, is a ham. He WAS going to be a pirate for Halloween, until Perry said that that was what he was going to be. Instead he went as a 'pirate chaser' and chased Perry (which isn't all that hard, since Perry has a peg leg. Mainly he just ended up tickling Perry, which Perry didn't like because "pirates aren't ticklish" to which Larry taunted, "then why are you laughing?").

Each creature has a (mostly) agreeable personality and is definitely one of a kind. They are all (mostly) hand sewn using recycled/reclaimed materials. They don't eat much and, really,  just enjoy hanging out. If you want to adopt one, head over to the defabricate store at Etsy.

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